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with not overseeing people and his defense is he is not overseeing people. >> you hit it on the head in her words you're trying to work both sides of the room. wait a minute, are you a brilliant genius one of the greatest traders of all time or so bumbling you're not reading e-mails. having said that ceo number one play to say i didn't see that, i didn't read that. because it deflates knowily. your point is such a good one. melissa: steve wha is your take on this? because, it is believable,f you get thousands of e-mai he didn't look at every single one. i don't know. >> yeah. that seems like a reasonable defense. i hate these charges anyway. i think insider trading is a extremely difficult thing to prove. and i think that, by the way, if i were king there wouldn't be insider trading laws. i don't think insider trading should be illegal, getting information ahead of somebody else. but you know, steve cen is no angel here. theris no question this company has been under investigation for a long time for shady dealing but i'm not so sure that this defense might not stick up. that he simply didn't know wh
. the secretary of defense does not seem like he is too torn up over drastic cuts to our nation's military budget. general jackies joins us to assess the impact. lou: in lou: in breaking news tonight, to new developments in the house of representatives. moments ago lawmakers passed the senate approved a plan to lower loan interest rates for college students nationwide. the house voted 392-31 on a bill that sets interest rates on the ten year treasury note plus a cap. that bill now headed to the white house where the president has already said he will sign into law. the house of representatives also approving new tougher sanctions against iran. that vote 400-20. defense secretary jack hegel today says he is not as he put it crying wolf about sequester cuts. he laid out how the pentagon planning for what could be the smallest army since before world war ii will look like. >> if these abrupt cuts remain we risk fielding a force that over the next two years is unprepared to to a lack of training, may nice, and the latest equipment. cuts on this scale would in effect be a decade-long modernization hol
good defense to a failure to supervise case. then the feds come in on the other side they do a manuever now if steven cohen provide evidence and testimony in his defense in the sec case in washington, that will be used against him in the federal prosecution in new york. sac is surrounded right now and i don't think steven cohen is completely out of the woods in terms of an indictment. i think he has a problem. david: harvey, we may have to cut our conversation short. your cell phone is going in and out. if you can hear us we'll go on. but has there ever been a case. the sec is charging steve cohen and we may have criminal indictments to this charge, wasn't as conscious, not accusing him of insider trading but saying he should have been aware his traders were doing insider trading. has that kind of charge ever stuck? >> yes, they have brought similar types of cases but their case against cohen as i read it is much stronger than, than that. what they have said was, he was in the middle of e-mail chains that alerted them to the problematic nature of trading and i also think when you look a
the house of representatives has just passed a defense appropriations bill the legislation includes an amendment to bar it military action in egypt and of course, the war powers act if the president chooses to engage in syria. the $512 million defense spending bill passed 315 / 100 highberger joining us now is the time. great to have you here. so i could say this did it how bad of an idea is it from this president's political standpoint? >> nnouncing the huge speech with the economy is a void of any ideas or principles or policies what the president wants to a variance of was was a speech in illinois and those that will support him no matter what your fox news poll reflects that, he has lost in the middle of the road people but he has also lost a good percentage of his base those that support the president the most, the president's plate game is alive and well and will not play well in 2013 andlou: are ye president chose to do this? that look most peculiar to see a president at the beginning of his second term looking like he was on the campaign trail to talk exactly that way. >> i
defense. this is dunce-worthy. we want to get it started with the good mayor. wellot such a good mayor and on the other hand, we have weiner last night, weiner, refused to answer a direct question fm new york daily news about whether he still se sexting women on-line, he said, quott, you can quibble abo beginnings, middles and ends, but what we're talking abouttis over a year ago. it one thing to be a creep but to be obnoxious narsistic creep? weiner's arrogance deservee a dunce cap. the mayor. filner against, is hanging on spite calls to resign from 7 of 9 san diego city council members,hairwoman of democrati national committee, senator diane feinstein. there not one but two recalls underway in san diego against filner. you would think he would start feeling not very huggable at this point. but his diluton earns him, we don't oft give two at a time, but he is the winner. and weiner stays in the race though. in every day, despite cal to step down fm democratic strategist david axelrod who said he is just taking you of space, and peter king also demanding he step down. and the clintons,
proven there are allegations out there i guantee there will be a vigorous defense coming in there is a lot in the indictment and people assume it is correct butbsolutely not. there are great hedge fund managers and i have been in the business 27 years and it is not easy to get great returns because it is in but if you just compound your money then history says he will earn tenders will% in the stock market over a period of time. lori: but the tally on case and he is behind case right now -- behind bars right now but to hisase innocent until proven guilty but overall has the same performance lately. >> you bring up a great point because it is definitely a tarnishing going on of the hedge fnt -- hedge fu energy. a lot of people turn to hedge funds for their portfolio and that s&p 500 has outpaced most managers even though there are unique styles they have outpaced that but we never evaluate a portfolio over a three-year period normally fiver tenures it anybody else there that has pulled money away from the hedge fund rethink that because you will need to have alternatives.
, but they are thinking that they are on the defense and it was all a charade and a game. >> it is a game and he has a golden opportunity talking about tax reform. talking to small businesses. if you go back and talk to the leadership and the people, there is no traction there. to do this and to make real change, it takes months through this process. you have to be working on ideas and you can't just be making these type of points. neil: maybe i am too alarmed, but this president has an agenda, and many republicans would like this, it is off to a floppy sloppy start. he is imploding faster more than many second term presidents. that was one and all. but the press seems to be doing its best to minimize this. but it seems like he is in a slow burn here. >> it is a very slow burn. but we have 3.5 more years of his presidency and i'm not sure we can survive that. >> what is interesting is that a lot of people say we are glad about this. but there are a number of big issues to address. the debt keeps getting bigger. health care law is on life support itself. we don't have time to sort of sit this one out
as well as the defense team. what was perhaps getting a head line is the amount of discovery, the evidence the government has at this point as it is building its case for trial and discussion of wiretaps. wiretaps were crucial in the conviction of raj rajaratnam from galion and the insider-trading case. in this case wiretaps, no mention of richard lee, vaughn man who is cooperating with the government, who came from another hedge fund, quoted in the indictment as being part of an insider-trading circle, the hedge fund from which he came, denied there is an insider trading circle at their office but the bottom line is we are in the beginning of building the case and the government has to put up or for lack of a better term shut up and what they put up will include those wiretaps. we did get a quick chance to ambush the attorneys as they came out to see if they would explain why stephen cohen has not been charged, how he feels about that, the spirits of the people at sac because that is a term that will be doing business civitan with a lot of people withdrawing money. >> are the spirits of t
sequester budget cuts going, but with a different mix. an increase in defense spending. the president is campaigning around the country for more stimulus spending and the administration says it will not negotiate on raising the debt ceiling. >> we are now arguing about the composition. they want us to build a better future for the american middle class. >> one republican analyst says there is no way they will agree to raising the debt ceiling without more spending limits. >> they are willing to lower their expectations a bit. i think we can have a mini deal this year that raises the debt limit and starts to bring entitlement spending under control, or at least starts to slow the growth. peter: the president takes his budget campaign to chattanooga tomorrow. he will to her and warehouse. it is adding 7000 new jobs in 13 states. adam: thank you. peter barnes in washington, d.c. lori: a u.s. judge has ruled that bernanke should testify in their million-dollar lawsuit. it is rare for a fed chairman to be deposed in a lawsuit. an exception should be made because bernanke has kno
in the fox business right now. the securities and exchange commission and the defense rested their case in the trial of former goldman saks trader. the defense gas is expected to begin shortly, but, again, the prosecution, the fcc has now rested their case. i wanted to bring that breaking news to you right now. we'll keep you posted on how the trial progresses. me liz ha has done a lot of coverage on that one. there's this. treasury secretary jack lew hit the sunday talk show circuit over the weekend standing behind the president on the debate getting republican lawmakers an ultimate may tum ahead of what could be an 11th hour debt show down. >> the president made it clear we cannot negotiate whether or not the president of the united states would default. it was a mistake in 2011 to have the debate. it hurt the economy. i think congress knows they have to deal with this. cheryl: let's bring in the financial ted parrish and fox business' charles payne, and, charles, you know, basically, going back and saying that, you know, there's not going to be no debate, this this is going to be eit
about, obviously he had a lot to worry about. and his defenses is was a charity thing and it was a cancer charity. you never know. i hate to think other people making mountains out of a mole hill, he has angered the government in the past. the consumption has angered the government. liz: thank you very much. the circle of friends. liz: two >> everything you wanted to know about steve cohen but was too worried to ask. liz: but the dispute over herbalife. coming up straight after the bell. will they pile on even more if herbalife beats the street? and wants to know where the sweet spot is for stock investing right now? a money manager about to join us who believes he has the answer, the simple one and will spit out some names from his answer. you don't want to miss what he says in just a few moments. [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz summer event is here. now get the unmistakable thrill... and the incredible rush... of the mercedes-benz you've always wanted. ♪ but you better get here fast... [ girl ] yay, daddy's here. here you go, honey. thanyou. [ male announcer b
ration with a variety of other aerospace and defense applications, and they have proprietary technology that's faster, more capable, and more accurate than anything out there so it's a crown jewel. liz: you made a lot of other acquisitions, geomagic, coweb, and then rptg. avi, let me just say that for viewers who don't know, you're in personal, professional, and production printer. you have enterprise and regular folks who want to buy these things. sch area shows the most promise? some analysts are concerned you go more with the software or the individual sales, and that, of course, has lower margins, thinner margins. >> liz, we look at this as a platform play and equal systems play taking it all the way from design to manufacturing for professional companies and from creativity to actuul making for the hobbies, the consumer, the educator, and kids. we see two big opportunities in front of us. the first one is in eventacturig this technology into real factors, be it in early space, defense, automotive, seeing it going to completely reshape patients' specific medical device, and it's a b
haseservations. other lawmakers drafted amendments to a pending defense authorization bill aimed at forcing the administration to set here to the war powers act and not deploy u.s. troops absent congressional authorization. minority whip of maryland told fox news that that would not cause great problems for the white house, but other democrats demanded more and put. >> give us a vote. that estimate. let as meet our responsibility. there will be men and women that will go into harm's way, stumble ahead because we did not stand up and take responsibility. >> the house top republican offered only ter support for the administration's anti program. >> i tnk their effort to help the right set of rebels is in our nation's best interest. >> beyond fears of the u.s. waiting into another mideast war lawmakers expressed concern that weapons could fall into the hand of syrian rebels. still others on the right voiced fears that the administration is doing too little too late to make a difference. lou: also on capitol hill lawmakers ramping up pressure on house leaders to allow a vote on legislation that
.o.p. >> president has made clear, he has told congress he will not sign a bill, if it fixes defense at expense of domestic spending, congress has it write bills that meet challenge. >> lew making his comments after washington post reports that top obama administration officials are pushing strategy that would lead to a government shut down if republicans continue to demand spending cuts and refusen to the sequester, and furthering administration stone call of irs targets of conservatives. fox news sunday host chris wallace asking lew if irs chief council, william wilkins had been questions by authorities yet. an office that reports to the treasury department. lew refused to answer the question, take a listen. >> somebody in treasury department ask william wilkins what he knew about this. >> chris, there is no evidence this went to any political official. >> there has not been an investigation. >> a lot of time has gone to asking a lot of questions of a lot of people, i'm not saying it is done, and we'll cooperate with all of the o ongoing investigation, i'm just challenges your assersion that
. but if you buy bottled water come it the markup is 4000%. according to the natural resource and defense counsel, they see the bottled water is no better regulated were cheaper than tap water. in fact, 20% of bottled water comes from municipal water that we drink to her cat. gerri: that is just unbelievable. >> get yourself some nice reusable water bottles. get your water tested where you get it once a year what a reporter. verify that your water quality is good. gerri: my understanding is in new york city we have great water. >> it really is. i always hear that. do yourself a reusable water bottle and you will save. gerri: okay, let's talk about shampoo and conditioner and household cleaning items. >> again, convenience and grocers know that shoppers don't want to go to a bunch of different stories. so they are going to pick it up when they go grocery shopping. you are looking at paying a market of 60%. i recommend going to stores like cvs committee have great awards programs and coupons. wal-mart or even a dollar store. especially when it comes to household cleaners. even though they a
he should have to pay for his own defense and should be the one who pays for these damages because he is the one who is accused of the conduct. >> his lawyer had the audacity task for the city to pay for his expenses, basically they claim that the city never gave him sexual harassment training. in fact, the contention is that in the 20 years he served in congress that he never got sexual harassment training their either. so amazing about all of this in the ironic thing is that everybody from washington d.c. to san diego has known about this guy's behavior, been as cereal pervert, a jerk for years, and get a prop him up for mayor. they contributed to his campaign. they worked on his behalf to get him elected and now they're all shocked at this kind of behavior . >> when i was going to say, what they are finding is he is still standing firm in saying i will be the mayor. i am not stepping down or resigning. think that is part of the reason why over 60 percent of san diego's one amount. they just want him out and one recall. melissa: it is a serious issue that taxpayers could be liable f
a great familiarity with our foreign policy making apparatus. the state department dollar defense department and all that. having said that, i think mrs. kennedy will do a fine job. the real key is access to the president. if you have access to the president, everything follows. she is a subsidy person, and that is the second real qualification. think she will do quite well. dagen: is this about adjusting to the japanese culture? how difficult is that? >> it is somewhat difficult. japan is different, even asians will say that it is a different place. but you know these are great allies, great friends of the united states. they will go out of their way to try to be helpful to mrs. kennedy or any american ambassador. i think she's going to find it to be one of the greatest experiences of life. i think life will never be the same after it. is just such a varied background that you're dealing with. one minute someone will be talking to you about agriculture in the next about nuclear weapons. japan is so central to american foreign policy in the pacific that it is an intellectually cha
entire thing smells. melissa: and the part of the defense is they got a lot of stuff out of this a ton of advertising so they got what they were paying for even though he was doping at the time in the also says they got to do great stuff for example, they got go to the after parties, the big dinners in france and that is worth a lot of money. so who from the ups -- u.s. ps was flying to france to party with lance and again on my dollar. >> completely idiotic to say it was the advantage that the post office got to go to big parties. i use the postal service i should be able to go to the party saide could have a nice time. is idiotic and they have not made money i take since its invention in this is why because they spend $40 million on something like this. >> 120 million? third -- why are they advertising in any way? maybe should they be spending this money to improv service? they are losing so much money that does not make a lot of sense. thank you for ming on the show. >> it is disgusting. melissa: the world's first smart home security system and it even learns your habits. does this
in developing. trying to work through how they approach the issue spirited defense of the questions between detroit and its creditors that is really something they' going to have to work out with its creditors. gerri: workout with its creditors, but the e of the day it's going to be on our backs as taxpayers. here is the real threat. i mean, detroit, yes to mombasa chicago. and cities and municipities considering an obamacare bailt. detroit, chigo, stockton, the list goes on. like a snowball rolling downhill here. it spells disaster n only for obamacare by taxpayers. what could the cost b? >> the cost could be enormous. ready spending two and a half trillion of the first full ten years of obamacare. imagine instead of having 30 million new workers in the expansion we have something that looks like 40. another 30%. the cost is staggering. what is interesting is the first person to put their finger on this is a democratic governor, former tennessee governor. rly in the debate he said we have seen this in tennessee. not going to work out well and now here we are. gerri: but look at this. these
bush. phar-mor fraud on wall street. phar-mor fraud in defense contracting, 2% in the united states as a representative. dennis: a couple of things. they did not "anyone directly, i don't think that proves the case. why did you think that the supermarket to buy supermarkets is selling 55-gallon barrels? not to serve their customers who are suffering the meant shipping amount. >> no. low-inco more middle-inme and grim new yorkers are sometimeshipping through to the home nations, but they are not using food stamp benefits to do it. dennis: on food stamps. >> prove that the people doing in our on food stamps. >> i wl go ahead if he will let me. quite apart from that. we have seen food stamps used decle over time during the recovery. this one we have not seen. we have 107 million americans on different kinds of programs. this is pt twouch. this is clearly not being directed in the correct way. we need to have states making sure of eligibility, setting their own requiremts and telling them, it is their residents. they get to keep it for other things dennis: frankly, i am astounded that t
wiretaps. the government today announced they have wiretaps that they will turn over to the defense team. general counsel for sac. here is our exchange. >> how are the spirits of the people at sac? >> find. >> a people distressed? of course they issued a statement yesterday in which they said the firm never encouraged and promoted to more tolerated insider-trading. takes the compliance and management obligations seriously. it will be a long process. as of right now sac in trouble, steven cohen, not indicted. liz: that is true. let's keep that in mind. he is not yet accused in a criminal fashion. all of this leeal turmoil has us thinking about the founders unbelievable wealth and his passion for collecting art and luxury homes. in doing so he affects those economies. we're calling it the economy. estimated to be worth more than 9 billion, 21 years after he founded sac capital with 20 million of his own money. he and his family live in a one island sound in greenwich, connecticut. that is a town home to many top hedge fund managers. he also pays 60 million to buy an oceanfront mansion in e
resting its case in the fraud trial against ex-goldman sachs trader fabrice tourre. in a move the defense team didn't call any witnesses. closing statements will begin tooorrow. "after the bell" starts right now. david: let us get right to today's action. david cued low, breaks down why so-called barbell strategy helps you profit in uncertain environment. gerald levy, in the pits of the cme. jarrod, let's talk about the earnings season in general. we have had two earnings seasons since the year began. what do you think about the financials, their effect? some people think the financials are so big, reporting such big numbers members, partly because of fed is doing that they're skewing the overall, what say you? >> there are a couple of different opinions. i'm on that side of the coin, that the financials are looking better than they should. here is something to ponder. 270 companies in the s&p reported. we're about halfway threw. without the financials we would have negative 3.1% growth year-over-year. they're really carrying the s&p, with them included it is about 3% to the positive side
. how they can be defensive. we have with us red tiger security at this conference in vegas this week. all right, jonathan. >> i'm classifying you guys at the good guys. your hacking operation, but you're the good guys, i've got that. i want you to tell our viewers, what is the scareiest hack that you see out there? >> okay. so, this is really interesting. i was walking by this little setup, and a lot of these crazy antennas sticking up out of this thing and there's a hacked cell phone tower that people brought into the convention to show you can hack into the cell phone network and a huge plasma screen and pictures people are sending each other and set up a man in the middle cell phone tower if you're not looking at your cell phone, it will jump on to the cell phone tower and they'll scrape everything you've doing with your phone, clone your phone and get the messages you're sending off your phone, it was pretty interesting. stuart: that's frightening. really is. but what about hacking into bank accounts or investment accounts? for a lot of our viewers, this is a financial program, t
. they make the global hawk planes and defensive electronics. they reported profits and they are doing so well with their earnings and raised their full-year forecast. stuart: can we say it is a drone stock? i bet we could say that. thank you very much, indeed. we are now down 29 points. we had been down 60. music streaming might kill, seriously hurt the music business. moses avalon joins us now. it is helping to really hurt the artist. the musicians. >> artist and musicians get paid on royalty. they rely on those entities to properly exploit and capitalize on the work. what happens when the people you trusted to properly capitalize on the work make a shortsighted deal that puts very little money and the artists pocket. stuart: spot of five does not pay much for the music they are playing? >> i do not want to vilify spot of five. labels love this. it is like selling your inventory wholesale. stuart: you represent the artists. the musicians, the guys who create the music, they get the short end of the music. >> they do. stuart: they have to adjust to technology. we are not going back to vinyl r
tell you, they have a good defense. liz: you kind of glossed over when i ask you if you smoke into your -- spoken to people inside sac capital. is that a yes and, if so, what can you tell me? >> i can't really go too much into that, but what i can tell you is something that they had a feeling was coming. charlie will tell you that as well. people are not happy about it. liz: are they saying, it will be fine? don't worry? >> i make my own conclusions based upon my evidence. liz: are you going to cover your investors? >> i'm absolutely not. i have to make some calls this afternoon. liz: and you have been busy. ed butowsky. he is a -- look. innocent until proven guilty. we understand. please keep us posted. thank you so much. joining us live from dallas. plenty of market news. we are not ignoring that. facebook scoring big on advertising revenue this quarter boosting its stock. another company shares as well. let's get to nicole. >> reporter: today the story, facebook, you see the stock moving. the highest level since last year, the day after the ipo. $34, this huge steel. the biggest rall
is interesting if the company had not adopt ad poison pill defense to prevent company takeover they may have acquired more. this position has been kept under wrap for two months! back to you. lori: timing is everything, nicole. thank you. >>> call it christmas in july for economists and fed-watchers. we have a pair of better-than-expected economic reports ahead of the fed statement due at the top of the hour. will the data affect the fed's timeline on tapering? no one bettory ask than phillip swagel, professor at the university of the maryland and insider at the treasury department and federal reserve. great to have you back. what is likelihood we get the decision on interest rates at top of the hour, keeping interest rates at ridiculously low levels ongoing but on question of asset purchases that bernanke and company will come out and say we plan to decrease the number and the value of our asset purchases and it will commence in sent, october, very little, right? >> yeah, lori, i still think it is too soon for the fed to do that. today's data are good both on gdp side and adp jobs number b
Search Results 0 to 37 of about 38 (some duplicates have been removed)